About the Author

Bill Hyche wrote the Handbook for Success out of his love for his five grandsons. The goal of the book is to provide his grandsons – and young people everywhere – with proven values for living happy and abundant lives so that they will develop the courage to tackle tough challenges and the perseverance to realize their highest aspirations. Read more.

About the Book

The Handbook for Success was written to provide young people with a value-based foundation for thriving in school and succeeding in business and life. I have learned over the course of my life that some things work and some things do not. For example, kindness works – cheating does not. Read more.

About the Poster 

The Lessons for Success poster was created from the 52 themes that make up the chapters of the Handbook for Success. The full color 24 X 18 poster is designed in a beautiful chalkboard green motif. The poster makes a meaningful and thought provoking addition to any room – whether it is a classroom or a boardroom. Read more.